Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) is an index developed to quantify the level of customer satisfaction with each aspect of a service and/or sales-oriented business. This index directly measures the degree of customer comfort with each section/department of an operation.

The survey thus provides an excellent diagnostic tool for the management to see problems coming well before they become visible, as well as seeing how their customers truly view them. It is also an excellent gauge in quantifying the effects of different programs. Another benefit of CSI is to provide a rallying point of members of each section/department to improve their index as compared to other sections/departments and their previous performance. The index is designed to improve productivity, customer satisfaction and the bottom line.

One of many issues which are discovered through the CSI is how customers rank performance of issues important to them. The Importance vs. Performance graph is one of many tools which identifies how customers rate the company’s performance on issues of importance to them. Customer satisfaction surveys provide a variety of specific information for businesses. For example; do you know how your customers feel about your service personnel? Or what do your customers think about your prices. Or for that matter, are your customers going to buy from you again should the need arise.

Customer satisfaction surveys answers these questions and more.

Customer satisfaction is directly related to repeat business. CSI identifies individual factors which directly impact customer satisfaction, and performance of individual departments. The Time Trend graph shows the performance of individual departments over time from the point of view of the customers. It also shows how satisfaction with each department relates to the overall satisfaction with the company. This will provide management with a focused and effective way of improving customer satisfaction and thus the bottom line.